August 09, 2017
Jena E

What Makes YOU Feel Powerful? 

As much as challenging physical stuff makes me feel powerful, I've found that I feel the most powerful when I'm able to summon patience in a situation where I'd usually lose my cool. Having a 4 year old has presented infinite opportunities to practice this patience!

What cheers you up?

Videos of interspecies animal friends.

Favorite way to break a sweat.

I LOVE to dance, but really love flipping tires and lifting heavy stuff lately.

What's your favorite Sports Bra style and why?

Another tough one! I always need a super supportive one for all the jumping I do, but love a more easy going style for my barre classes. Either way -- NO UNIBOOB PLEASE 😉

Your go-to healthy snack.

Carrots and SunButter

Your favorite comfort food.

Ice cream 😃

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

Love your body and be sweet to yourself.

What are your gym bag essentials?

5 zillion sticky socks, contacts, sweat towel, face cleansing cloths, tiger balm, and random cords/plugs to make sure I can always play my music anywhere I teach 😄

Who are your favorite women heroes?

All the moms

Your favorite city, and quick tips for traveling to that city.

San Francisco! Eat all the food, Drink all the coffee and take all the yoga classes.

A piece of interesting news you read recently.

It's all pretty unbelievable lately!

Racer back or Open back tank tops?