March 15, 2017
Shelby R

What Makes YOU Feel Powerful? 

I feel powerful when I am able to make a connection with others through my art.

What cheers you up?

Nothing cheers me up more than a good meme.

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

Everyone is too busy judging themselves to judge you. Do what you want.

Your favorite city, and quick tips for traveling to that city.

I'm from Nashville so I am particularly fond of that city! Rent a car, eat hot chicken, hear some music, tip your bartender, and don't litter.

What is the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Check to make sure my cats didn't destroy any of my plants.

High heels or ballet flats?

I wear boots year-round.

Favorite way to break a sweat.

Dancing, running, and commuting on my bike.

Your favorite comfort food.

"Adult" grilled cheese (normal grilled cheese with avocado, tomato and spinach).

Who are your favorite women heroes?

Dolly Parton (a literal earth angel), RuPaul, RBG, the Ovarian Psycos, Pussy Riot, and Rebecca Lolosoli of the Umoja village. There's a lot more but that's a good place to start.

A piece of interesting news you read recently.

I learned that in the 1890s, "kleptomania" was invented as a rubric to diagnose women's "pelvic disease," meaning that women's menstruation made them more likely than men to succumb to the temptation to steal, and that our biological inferiority was something that no woman could help, but that we were all inherently weak and think about that the next time you're shopping!

Favorite lipstick.

Favorite perfume.

I'm an oils gal.