May 04, 2017
Woman is MY Superpower

Woman is MY Superpower - POWWFUL Tank Top

Women have definitely cracked the glass ceiling, but, the expectation remains that we need to excel almost to the point of being superhuman to even make a dent! We are so tired of being judged on aesthetics and demeanor… there are so many social ornaments that are obligatory for women to wear and strangely optional for men, that slow us down.

We want the conversation to shift and we want to celebrate the power in every woman. Our voices matter and our collective actions will make an impact. Woman is MY Superpower was inspired by the hope that soon, we will have enough women standing on top of that glass ceiling to shatter it for good.

This tank top scores big in the comfort department.  Its full front coverage, stay-in-place minimalist straps, super soft light weight fabric, and fun open back style make it effortlessly chic and comfortably cool

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Woman Is MY Superpower

Woman is MY Superpower - POWWFUL Tank Top