Our Team

POWWFUL co-founders Lotika and Wen
(POWWFUL co-founders Lotika & Wen enjoying a laugh and soaking up the sun in Chi town)

Building POWWFUL has been an intense team effort. As a women owned, women run business we are very appreciative of all your support and interest. And we are especially thankful to our POWWFULGirlCrush'es for bringing sunshine into our days everyday.

A bit about our founders.

LOTIKA: An engineer with mad supply chain management skills; an ex-investment banker, which makes her our resident finance and accounting geek; and thanks to her journey into motherhood sprinkle in her useful training in always being ready for emergencies... she brings energy, focus, direction and clarity in all that we do.

One of her reasons for founding POWWFUL was extremely personal. She has struggled with Insulin Resistance and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) all her adult life. Staying active makes her happy, keeps her focused on the important things in life and helps her better manage the condition. But, because she “has” to make a conscious effort every single day – she strongly believes that when it comes to fitness, no body shape is better than another. Just as no workout is better than another. Everyone has their own unique body size and their own individual fitness journey. In seeking active wear that aligned with her values and was stylish, affordable, colorful, yet practical she didn’t find anything that really appealed to her. So she combined forces with Wen to create POWWFUL.

WEN: A marketing guru, a product prototyping expert, a fitness fiend, a color enthusiast, and a wicked dry sense of humor, all this and more put her smack in the center of everything we do: from brand vision, to outreach, to fabric selection, to prototype production, to new product development and color choices.

When you get to know her you'll understand that for her, everyday is a good day to exercise. She feels that she demands so much from her mind and body constantly, that her daily one hour exercise is the time she gives back to herself, it belongs to her and no one else. She believes that everyone has the inner power to make small changes and propel themselves towards their own fitness goals. For her it is about making small positive choices that can be as easy as drinking more water, fitting in a fun workout or wearing feel-good activewear for the next activity. Wanting her workout clothes to be as chic, fun and colorful as her everyday clothing, she started shopping around. Nothing really stood out and a lot of the active wear was very overpriced. That’s when she envisioned an opportunity for well designed, affordable and functional active wear.