Our Name

Where did the name POWWFUL come from? 

We believe that all women are POWERFUL. But, there have been times when we have caught ourselves saying “I’m sorry” or “excuse me” almost like a reflex action. And then there have been times when we sat in the middle economy seat of an airplane with our elbows tucked in close to our body. This subconscious loss of physical & metaphorical space really irks us. We love yoga, and the instructors always remind us throughout the class “take a big deep breath in, and breathe out large … fill the air around you, take up space.” You can hear the air being sucked in, the lungs expanding and the air whooshing out. 

So yes, we make our products using the best of fabrics and happiest of colors, but we also want them to urge you to breathe out loudly and take up space. For a moment, we want you to focus just on yourself and discover the power within you. The power that helps you push boundaries, goof off, wake up at 5am, sleep in, run a marathon, sit back and chill with Netflix, ace an exam, speak up for yourself… That is why we picked the name “POWWFUL.” It represents who we are and what we care about.