Power Socks For Healthy Veins

Power Socks for Healthy Veins

We have all been in a position where we had to either stand or sit for long periods of time. Give your legs the TLC they deserve.

Why? Veins carry oxygen-rich blood to all parts of our body. When it comes to legs and feet, if our vein valves are weakened it damages the blood flow causing it to flow backward (venous insufficiency). Venous insufficiency can get worse over time. It’s important to practice preventative care before any serious feet or leg conditions develop.

A solution for mild to moderate cases of venous insufficiency is regularly wearing compression socks, which can help alleviate symptoms. They work wonders on overall vein health! Power Socks offer moderate compression (15-20 mmHg), are made with high-quality micro nylon fibers that are soft to touch and comfortable to wear. Avoid swollen ankles, help keep a constant flow of oxygenated blood, and help reduce achy legs and feet with everyday compression therapy.