February 22, 2017
Carly G

What Makes YOU Feel Powerful? 

Life throws me curveballs almost everyday, which can be both exciting and headache inducing. I feel most powerful when I'm able to cope with life's surprises by showing up and sticking to my day-to-day game plans.

Favorite instagram account to follow?

@wellandgoodnyc has a great account with delicious recipes, fitness inspiration, and positive affirmations.

Any cool apps you recommend?

I've been trying to stay up-to-date with news and politics. The app Hash has been incredibly useful in helping me stay in-the-know by aggregating the news that's trending.

A piece of interesting news you read recently.

Found via the app Hash: Lady Gaga responded to body shamers who criticized her physique after her AMAZING Super Bowl performance. She said, "I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don't need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That's the stuff of champions." Gotta love Gaga!

Your favorite city, and quick tips for traveling to that city.

This will forever evolve based on the recent places I've visited, but currently I'm in love with Vancouver.

What is the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Laundry's a must

Your go-to healthy snack.

Oranges - yum!

What are your gym bag essentials?

I prefer running outdoors, so I don't use a gym bag.

Your go-to mood enhancing thing or activity.

Cooking while listening to a podcast like Lady Lovin' instantly puts me in a good mood.

Favorite meal of the day?

I've been bringing to work homemade soups for lunch, which has made my lunch break delicious and soul-warming.

Favorite day of the week?

There's something about a Sunday that makes it both relaxing and productive.