January 26, 2017
What Makes YOU Feel Powerful?

We believe in curves, color, kindness, strength and happiness. And we believe all women are POWERFUL

And every day, we hit the pause button for just one second to think about what makes us Feel Powerful as an individual. 

Running in the rain, taking the day off to do absolutely nothing, wearing a favorite pair of old jeans, accomplishing boring chores, making big decisions, leaning in, leaning back, watching a comedy, listening to a TED talk, meditation, speaking out loud, faith, family, yoga, dancing ... Every day our answers vary, but expressing them makes us stand up and step forward.

So, for our daily dose of mental floss and reflection, we ask our PowwfulGirlCrush "What Makes You Feel Powerful?"

We read their responses and find them amazingly therapeutic.
They put a smile on our faces, and along with a hot cup of tea make us ready to embrace our inner warrior