GRADUATED COMPRESSION – its like coffee for your legs & feet

Graduated Compression Therapy

Our legs and feet work hard for us! They support our body weight and let us walk, jump, stand, and run in heels. Just like the rest of your body, give your legs & feet the daily TLC they deserve. Our specialized knee-high graduated compression socks help healthy blood flow back to your heart by applying the greatest amount of pressure at your ankle and gradually loosening tightness up your calf.

Graduated compression helps veins work against gravity to pump blood from lower extremities back to the heart. It naturally improves circulation reducing the risk of spider veins & varicose veins, and soothing swollen ankles & achy legs. Its like your feet are sipping coffee while working hard for you.

Made using the highest quality micro-nylon yarn Power Socks are soft to touch and comfortable to wear all day, everyday.

Moderate (15-20mmHG) graduated compression socks are GREAT FOR:

  • Power Socks for WorkoutsWORKOUTS: Not only do they help speed up muscle recovery, they also help stabilize muscles to prevent injuries like shin splints. They are great for marathons, triathlons, biking, golfing, dancing… really any workout! 
  • Power Socks for Long Distance TravelLONG DISTANCE TRAVEL: Did you know that over 4 hours of travel can lead to swollen legs and feet and an increased risk of blood clots in your leg? Prevent the discomfort by wearing Power Socks – your new carry-on essential. 
  • Power Socks for Extended Sitting or StandingEXTENDED SITTING OR STANDING: If your job requires that you sit or stand for extended periods of time, over time it can often lead to a slew of health problems. Take preventative care today by wearing compressions socks everyday. 
  • Power Socks for PregnancyPREGNANCY: Graduated compression socks help prevent blood build up in the leg veins, and help reduce common circulatory symptoms of pregnancy like edema in the ankles, varicose veins, and tired and achy feet.
  • Power Socks for Healthy VeinsHEALTHY VEINS: Venous insufficiency can get worse over time, so it’s important to practice preventative care before any serious conditions develop. Wear Power Socks to achieve everyday vein health today and in the future!