POWWFUL Sports Bras Reviewed by Jeannie Miller

Jeannie is a Financial Analyst and is also one of three women that run FitCityBlonde, a blog that aims to inspire & empower young women in all aspects of health and fitness. 

POWWFUL bras truly make me feel powerful. Whether I'm sweating through a hot yoga class, running along the lake, or lounging around the house, my Loop bra makes me feel comfortable, covered, and CUTE. It's amazing how your workout can be transformed by just loving what you're wearing - it's the "look good, feel good" mentality. Can't wait to try out other styles!

FitCityBlonde wearing The Loop


FitCityBlonde wearing The Triangle     FitCityBlonde wearing LOL


Fitness Outfits Cute Enough to Wear to Brunch by Maggie Wolff

Mag Mile Runner

I have invested a little bit in quality workout clothing that is functional, flattering, and cute. In some ways, it’s a treat to encourage me to keep working out. But, it’s also great to have outfits that are both functional for workouts and cute enough to head out for brunch or drinks afterward. Or run errands. Or change into at the office before heading to my workout...

OMG Own My Growth   Hear Me Om and The Mag Mile    Woman Is MY Superpower and LOL 

LOL   The Loop    The Loop


The 312 POWWFUL Sports Bra Reviewed by Connie Kulczycki

Connie is an avid Runner, and a workout fanatic who cannot try enough new classes with friends. You can follow her adventures at Constantly On The Run

Feeling POWWFUL on #WearItWednesday. When I first stumbled upon POWWFUL sports bras, I was drawn to the fun, strappy backs because that’s obviously the best part of any top, dress, or sports bra. However, I was even more intrigued when I started clicking around on the website and found there was much more to this sports bra than met the eye.

First of all, the price point is incredible – all of the bras are under $38 while the tanks are under $30. For anyone that is addicted to the VS bras like me, that comes way under budget. Now the price point, high-quality, and beautiful designs are all amazing but the best part of this company? It’s made by women, for women. They want to celebrate a woman’s body – the models on their social pages and the website, they’re real. They aren’t photoshopped or professional, just normal chicks like you and me. And they’re trying to find their best selves through fitness. Is this not what I’ve been trying to say all along?!

As for the fit, it’s true to size. Not only that but they provide exactly which workout each bra would be suitable for (however, if you’re like me and lacking in that department, any amount of support works for just about anything). Shown below is the 312 because yes, each of the designs also has a clever name and a lot of them bring it back to the brand’s Chicago roots, such as the Mag Mile or the Loop.

I’ll close this out with something that I keep going back to on their website: “Your body is a gift, so sweat because it makes you strong, eat well because it gives you energy, and wear POWWFUL because it makes you happy”

Connie wearing The 312 POWWFUL Sports Bra        Connie wearing The 312 POWWFUL Sports Bra

Connie is wearing The 312 in a size S. 


POWWFUL Sports Bras Reviewed by Courtney Rouse

Courtney is an avid Runner, a Mechanical Engineering PhD student, and a Graduate Research Assistant at University of Florida's Nonlinear Controls and Robotics Lab

I adore everything about POWWFUL, from the colorful, strappy sports bras, to the company's mission to uplift and celebrate all women, to the designs based on the greatest city in the world. The sports bras I own from POWWFUL are both comfortable and high quality. The styles are something I want to show off, yet they're supportive enough for a good long run.

Courtney Rouse wearing The 312 POWWFUL Sports Bra        Courtney Rouse wearing The Triangle POWWFUL Sports Bra

Courtney is wearing The 312 and The Triangle in a size S. 


SWEAT TALK, POWWFUL Sports Bra Review by Sayre Masters

Sayre is an Indoor Cycle Instructor (Studio Three, Soul Cycle), a Dancer and a Choreographer

I definitely put the Sweat Talk Bra through the sweat test!  I wore the bra while teaching my cycle class at Studio Three last Friday and loved how it didn't become heavy or discolored at all when soaked with sweat. Almost like wearing a bathing suit! 

I took out the padding and think I probably could have used a small instead of a medium since I am a A/AA cup size. I can see this bra being great for someone with more to work with ;)  Overall, I think the product is practical and fun, and I love your brand!

Sayre Masters wearing the Sweat Talk POWWFUL Sports Bra

Sayre is wearing Sweat Talk in a size M. 


POWWFUL Sports Bras Reviewed by Dani Kruger

Dani has a passion for Fitness and Biking and she's trying to do yoga at all of the state capitol buildings (15 so far!). She also is a Healthcare Researcher & Data Analyst and a writer for aSweatLife.

When I first saw the backs of the sports bras from POWWFUL, my heart skipped a beat. I’m not sure what it is about a criss-crossed, strappy sports bra that makes me want to ditch my shirt and join the #sportsbrasquad, but I love them. And POWWFUL’s message is just as perfect. They aim to “celebrate a woman’s body” with “styles and designs [that] embrace all body types.” The bra is bright and colorful, and the fabrics are soft and sweat-absorbing without being sweat-displaying.

I was excited that the designs looked as awesome on my body as they did on the website models. That’s probably because their website features women who aren’t professional models, and POWWFUL refuses to alter the shapes of their models or airbrush their bodies. I for one have tried on clothes too many times only to realize the online model is somehow both 5’10” and a size 0, making their product simultaneously skin tight and too long. I love the honesty and respect for every woman layered behind this site.

Dani Kruger - wearing The Mag Mile - POWWFUL Sports Bra

Dani is a 32C/D and is wearing The Mag Mile in a size S. 


The Triangle, POWWFUL Sports Bra Review by Mar Miles

Mar is a Yoga Instructor (@yogawithmar) at Core Power Yoga and Studio Three.

Comfortable, classy, colorful and energizing are the words that come to mind when wearing POWWFUL. I absolutely adore the bright orange color and the blue straps on the triangle bra that bring an element of positivity and fun to my outfit. After washing there was no shrinkage and the straps all stayed intact - exactly as they were when I first received the piece. Highly recommended!

Mar Miles - wearing The Triangle - POWWFUl Sports Bra        Mar Miles - wearing The Triangle - POWWFUL Sports Bra

Mar is a 34B and is wearing The Triangle in a size S. 


The Loop, POWWFUL Sports Bra Review by Tracee Badway

Tracee is a Nike Air Society Chicago Founding Member, a Fitness Instructor, and a Professional Fine Artist.

The Loop bra hugged my curves as I went from a casual brunch with friends to a heated power flow. It is what I look for in fitness apparel, an easy transition from street style to a class!

Tracee Badway - wearing The Loop - POWWFUL sports bra        Tracee Badway - wearing The LOOP, POWWFUL Sports Bra

Tracee is a size 34DD and is wearing The Loop in a size M. 


The 312, POWWFUL Sports Bra Review by Jenny Finkel


I've now worn my 312 twice. That's probably the strongest statement I can make--I wore it all day Monday, and then I immediately reached for it again today as soon as it came out of the laundry!

I wore this bra all day Monday. I taught four classes in a row, and then I left it on and threw a dress over it for a night out with my Dude. I LOVE the wide straps, which stay in place and don't budge on my shoulders. I've attached some pics I took from Monday--from my first class of the day to my date night :)

Today, I not only taught in the 312 all day, I also took class--Exhale's Barre + Cardio, a real scorcher--for the first time. The bra felt great, which is to say I really didn't feel anything at all/think about my bra during the whole hour.

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The 312 - worn by Jenny Finkel        Jenny Finkel - wearing the 312 POWWFUL Sports Bra for Date night

Jenny is a size 34D and is wearing The 312 in a size M. 


POWWFUL Sports Bras Reviewed by Maggie Wolff - Mag Mile Runner

Mag Mile Runner

Feeling POWWFUL By Maggie Wolff

One thing I really love about POWWFUL is what it stands for. There are a lot of brands out there aimed at women. But how many brands out there are for women BY women? ... and while I don’t necessarily need a sports bra to change my life, I appreciate knowing that the women behind the bra I’m wearing GET me.

Mag Mile Runner

As for the actual bras – I love them! I’ve tried three so far.

The Flamingo, is my favorite bra – I wouldn’t change a thing about this bra.It’s supportive enough for a run (for reference, I wear a D-cup right now), but works well for any workout. It’s extremely comfortable and flattering.

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The Flamingo - Worn by Mag Mile Runner

The Triangle, is my favorite style. It’s supportive enough to wear on a run, or any other workout. The straps are a little thin, so you might notice them on your shoulders, but I’ve worn the bra for hours at a time and it’s not uncomfortable.

The Triangle - POWWFUL Sports Bra - worn by the Mag Mile Runner

The Mag Mile – of course I tried this one! In addition to the great name, I love the colors. It’s a little bit lower cut in front, so I make sure to wear a higher cut top over it. (Yes, sometimes I am modest, LOL.) Also the elastic around the bottom doesn’t go all the way around, so it’s better for workouts like yoga and weightlifting.

All of the bras I tried were made of super soft performance material and had removable cups. I’ve machine-washed them all (on delicate) and air-dried and they’ve held up. Plus they are only $36, which is a great price for a well-made and cute bra. I typically wear a 34D these days, and the Mediums fit me well.

Maggie is a size 34D and is wearing The Flamingo and The Triangle in a size M.


Marilyn Hucek,The Lunar Phase - POWWFUL Review

The Lunar Phase - Your Daily Fashion Inspiration

Your Daily Fashion Inspiration: Working Out Starts With What You Wear By Marilyn Hucek

Your clothes impact the way you perceive yourself. If you feel amazing in your workout gear you are empowered to work even harder.

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The Traingle        POWWFUL Sports Bra - The 312

Picking out your workout gear should be effortless and easy. When I roll out of bed to get to my 7am yoga class groggy and tired and reach into my bra drawer, I immediately wake up to the bright beautiful colors of my POWWFUL sports bra and I’m ready to start the day. The colors are so bright and happy I immediately get excited to put them on. The materials are so buttery and soft it feels like you have nothing on. That is why I love POWWFUL athletic wear.

When I wear POWWFUL I feel good, because I love what I’m wearing. I immediately have positive energy and am ready to channel it into my physical activity of choice. POWWFUL is comfortable, and complements my lifestyle. It’s important to have a ready mindset even before you start your workout, and that starts with what you wear.

 Marilyn is a size 32D, a US dress size 2, and is wearing The Triangle and The 312 in a size S.


Lauren Dailey, Bohemian By The Bay - POWWFUL Review

Bohemian By The Bay


POWWFUL is an awesome company that embraces all body types - something I definitely can get behind. For days at the gym, I go for a bright colored bra or top when working out, since bright colors always go at the gym. The bra from POWWFUL gives me the lift and support I need, even when running. 

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The Lift        The Lift - POWWFUL Sports Bra

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The Flamingo        The Lift - POWWFUL Sports Bra

Lauren is a size 34C, a dress size 4 and is wearing The Flamingo and The Lift in a Size M.


The Loop, POWWFUL Sports Bra Review by Jasmine Horne - The Signature Coast

The Signature Coast - Jasmine Horne

The best way for me to get motivated to start working out is having new workout gear. I love having new gear that is bright and fun and uplifts me to want to workout. That is why I love POWWFUL! These sports bras are the coolest. They are all inspired by different well known sites in Chicago. I’m obsessed with all of them but in these photos i’m wearing “The Loop.” The Loop style is perfect for the girl that likes to go to Pure barre & Yoga.

Since I’m not necessarily a runner I thought this one would be the best fit for me, and I was right. As soon as I got it I thought it was so much fun! Not only is the clothing line amazing for workout gear, but the story behind POWWFUL is all about female encouragement. #GIRLPOWER

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The Loop

POWWFUL Sports Bra - The Loop

Jasmine is a size 34C and is wearing The Loop in a Size M.