February 15, 2017
Adrienne E

What makes you feel powerful?

I feel most powerful when I push my body in new and different ways. The human body is amazing and when I step out of my own way and push the limits of what I think is possible I'm always stronger for it.

I've never considered myself a natural athlete, but I greatly enjoy setting my sights on physical challenges and then working hard to achieve them. Whether it was running my first marathon and countless half marathons in my 20s, giving birth to my two children without pain medication in my 30s, or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for four days and completing my first triathlon at 40, my body was always up for the challenge and I came out of the experience feeling more powerful than ever.

What cheers you up?

Laughing is the best medicine! I love it when my husband makes me laugh out loud because he knows me so well and when my kids are being especially silly.

What's your favorite color?

Blue because it makes my eyes sparkle.

What's your go to healthy snack?

Larabars - just nuts, spices and fruit.

Best compliment you ever received.

You don't seem American.

High heels or ballet flats?

I'm more of a boots and sneakers girl in winter and sandals in summer.

An inspiring TED talk you loved.

It's not a TED talk, but a 2016 SXSW talk that I recently stumbled upon that's incredible: "Understanding Average. The Inertia of Culture"

There are two "average" Americans and the things we are interested in and gravitate toward are very different and rarely ever trickle over from one to the other.

When you were little, what did you want to become?

I'm very opinionated and like to debate, so I always thought I'd be a lawyer.

What motivates you to go workout?

The natural high I get after a workout is my motivation, and the sense of accomplishment.

What's your favorite comfort food?

A warm bowl of homemade lentil soup in the winter is incredibly comforting.

A piece of interesting news you read recently.

Probably best to not get into a political conversation here. ;)