July 17, 2018
Daisy A

What Makes YOU Feel Powerful? 

1. Helping Others. I had what most people would consider some difficult times, I have been homeless and felt hopeless, broken but in my darkest times I was always able to help someone else and was aware how many people, countries, communities have it so much worse, and am so grateful to those who have helped and impacted me.

2. Being Alive. The fact that God has given me this life to live and do Good Work. Now is the only time we have to Shine! We are all so much more powerful than we believe, have so many opportunities, and truly can make a difference.

Let's talk about DREAMS! What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

A fairy godmother 😂 lol but truly I always wanted to be brave, strong , and aware now that I have gotten closer to that goal I want to be someone who helps others be brave and achieve their passions and purpose as well.

What cause do you most strongly support?

Oh wow sooo many, but mainly KINDNESS and the Golden Rule. I just had a baby so preventing child abuse has been heavy on my heart and am a survivor of domestic abuse so I strongly support people treating others with respect and love.

What song gets you through the last mile?

Whole Heart by Gryffin

Where would you love to travel?

Bali among so many others!

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

LOVE YOURSELF! You and your thoughts are so much more powerful than you believe !

A teacher or mentor that made an impact on your life:

My stepmother ( mother by love) she truly encompasses kindness, goodness, and grace more than anyone I’ve ever seen.

What worries you?

Oh lord I’ve tried so many times to overcome worry, and am much better thanks to Yoga! the hungry, homeless, trafficked, being good enough, how, why...

What new hobby or skill would you like to learn this year?

Does doing your personal business taxes properly count?